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Relying on Deepimaging®Platform to achieve a full breakthrough in hard mirror products

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  • First Generation Deepimaging Launched in 2019®Imaging platform-"full link 4K" endoscope camera system, leading the endoscope industry technology upgrade, promote medical endoscope from full HD/4K to native 4K upgrade.
  • 2nd Generation Deepimaging Launched in 2021®The image platform-"native dual 4K" fluorescent endoscope camera system, with 2um stereo registration after dual 4K data acquisition, creatively solves various drawbacks in the application of traditional fluorescent endoscope technology.
  • 3rd generation Deepimaging launched in early 2023®The imaging platform-"full link 4K 3D ICG" endoscope camera system is the first certified 4K 3D ICG electronic endoscope camera system in the country, leading the medical industry to upgrade its technology and enter the era of double 4K 3D endoscope.


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Qing16 million pixel acquisition, real 4K resolution, surgical field is extremely clear

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Really.Binocular 4K acquisition, restore human visual effect, shorten the surgical learning curve

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QuasiMicron registration, more reliable fluorescence imaging, accurate determination of tumor location

Relying on the complete 4K 3D image chain to provide intelligent integrated operating room solutions

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Services for Surgery

Realize information interconnection, facilitate perioperative patient information check and surgical safety check to fully integrate surgical images and examination information (HIS, PACS, endoscope, robot, ultrasound, ECG, imaging and other equipment), image, data, equipment integration, touch screen control, immersive environment

serving for scientific research and teaching

Intraoperative non-destructive and non-delayed high-quality surgical broadcast, convenient for academic exchanges, telemedicine, postoperative surgical data can be authorized to download on-demand at any time, convenient for surgical re-disk, medical research.

Services for centralized management

Realize the whole process of perioperative paperless records, efficient management, service quality control