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Core Technology

DeepImaging® Platform

● Compatible with a wide range of video endoscopes and optical endoscopes

● 30+ exclusive patented modules for image processing algorithms

● Supports full-chain 4K/8K image processing and 2D/3D image output

DeepColor® Platform

3D LUT color mapping, color depth 14bit, color accuracy JNCD <1.0

● AI deep learning-based image enhancement technology

● Full-link precise color management from light collection to transmission processing

DeepLink® Platform

Self-developed software and high-speed interconnection enable smart link control between multiple devices

● Live streaming both within and outside of the hospital

DeepVision® Platform

A series of innovations to optimize the visual performance of minimally invasive surgery

● Technologies like MR , intraoperative navigation, and AI to advance in the field of restoring reality,augmented reality, and mixed reality.

DeepSync™ Platform

Using FPGA chips as a platform for high-speed processing of image signals

● 100Gbps ultra-high processing bandwidth

● Extremely low delay, with the entire system latency<0.06 seconds

● Hardware modules like the 12G-SDI interface and other high-end configurations enable efficient and lowpower consumption for full-link signal transmission

● The platform functions allow for rapid iteration and support customization in development

5 Key Advantages

autonomous simulation


Clear, vivid images have the ability to resurface authentic surgical scenes. 

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Precise color reproduction allows for enhanced differentiation of tissues,fascia, and blood vessels.

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High fluency and low latency ensure hand-eye consistency for surgeons

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Reliable performance under extreme electrosurgical interference

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Intelligent joint control improves surgical efficiency

Core ISP Features

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Precise color reproduction

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Super resolution boost

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Distortion correction

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Wide Dynamic WDR

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Electronic smoke removal

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Vascular enhancement

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Electronic dyeing

carbon neutral energy saving and emission reduction

ACRe(Accurate Color Rendition)

● BT.2020 color gamut

● Supreme color difference △E<1.5

● Reproduce rich, delicate and true colors

Super Resolution (AI Inside)

● Patented deep learning acceleration algorithm and FPGA real-time processing

● Improve image definition of small aperture endoscopes

carbon neutral energy saving and emission reduction
carbon neutral energy saving and emission reduction

Distortion Correction

● Ensure that the operation picture has no spherical distortion

● Vision is more comfortable and surgery is safer

WDR(Wide Dynamic Range)

● Improves image quality where both dimly and brightly lit areas are present

● Capture details clearly in both the poorly and strongly illuminated areas

carbon neutral energy saving and emission reduction
carbon neutral energy saving and emission reduction

Digital Desmoke

● Improve image quality real-time when smoke appeared in the surgical field

Vascular Enhancement

● Enhance color and structure of mucosa and blood vessels

● Easier recognition for safer resection

carbon neutral energy saving and emission reduction
carbon neutral energy saving and emission reduction

TG-EST Technology

● Highlight capillaries and vessels in the superficial mucosa and submucosa

● Helping diagnose the location of the lesions