4K 3D ICG 3-in-1 Endoscopic Imaging System

4K SHARP 16 million pixels acquisition Native 4K resolution 3D VIVID 3D technology in 4K Immersive 3D visualization 360° self-adaptive surgical field ICG PRECISE Sub-pixel level image registration Consistent fluorescence imaging

Dual 4K Fluorescence Endoscopic Imaging System

DUAL 4K CMOS 4K white light + 4K ICG images MICRON-LEVEL IMAGE REGISTRATION Consistent fluorescence imaging Precise Fluorescence Navigation Customized fluorescence colors MULTI-MODE DISPLAY Extend display to observe both WLI and fluorescence images on 2 different monitors Double-endoscope display presenting combined surgical fields


SERVING SURGICAL NEEDS Integrated management system for equipment imaging and data Real-time multi-disciplinary consultation system SERVING EDUCATIONAL NEEDS High-quality and real-time surgical broadcasting Authorized downloading of surgical data SERVING THE NEEDS OF INTELLIGENT MANAGEMENT Digital management of the entire perioperative process Centralized management and quality control

AIEndo 4K Endoscopic Imaging System

NATIVE 4K 8 million pixel acquisition, true 4K resolution DOUBLE-ENDOSCOPE DISPLAY Host platform design, compatible with different video signals JOINT CONTROL Support host control of CO₂ Insufflator, making surgery more convenient

FHD Endoscopic Imaging System

Quad Chip PAC technology rearranges the RGGB pixel array to obtain reducibility and higher resolution. Intelligent digital zoom, handy optical zoom: 2x optical zoom,3x digital zoom Versatile interfaces, support PIP/POP function, achieve multi-device image display on one screen
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